One Export Int. established with a vision of providing unmatched fashion garments range of the highest standard, stitched to perfection by means or commitment and quality together.

One Export Int. has grown at an impressive pace since its inception under the supervision of its founding directors who have more than ten years of experience. Our quest for quality being the crest of all procedures starts with our strong involvement with the clients-a relationship that goes beyond business.

Through out the company has continued to flourish because of the belief and passion that exists within our customers to rely on us for the best, as our garments have never been created as simple clothes. Right from the initial process of placing the order, client satisfaction is ensured at every step to provide "the best for the best" We believe the three parties should be happy on the fair deal, the first party is the respective Customer, the second party are the manufacturers them selves and our self as an sourcing agent being the third party with the fair deal considering the price level, ensuring quality and delivery on time. Our garments speak of us and we in turn strive to improve the relationship.

Our team of highly professional and competitive people works with an objective of providing trendy, ready-made fashion garments of the best quality with timely shipments. With increasing demand of fashion garments worldwide, our aim is to enhance our current capacity by adding your cooperation. This will give us an opportunity to be able to provide our ability. Our buying business concept is "If you are born you have to die, if you live you have to buy." So why it is not through us? Please do visit us and rest the differences.